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Den årlige nordiske laivkongressen. [Hjemmeside]
Updated: 3 years 28 weeks ago

A dedicated FB group for Knutepunkt/Solmukohta?

Mon, 02/09/2015 - 10:02
It'd be cool if there was a Knudepunkt/Solmukohta Facebook group (not event or page, they work differently with regards to notifications and other stuff) that lived through, and was maintained between, conventions. North American and Nordic Larp Exchange and Larpers BFF serve some of this purpose, but the former has geographical labels that seem to be considered alienating to some, and the latter seems to have a particular brand of identity politics/ideology that seems to be alienating to others (my impression from private FB conversations and face-to-face chats in my local communities. Personally I've enjoyed many discussions in both groups). The latter also grew out of the Larpers Women/Men discussions and is somewhat focused on those topics; social stuff surrounding larps and the larp community rather than the practical, hands-on aspects of larp design (or theory, documentation etc).

I'm personally currently not able to moderate another FB group, as I have enough with running the Norwegian pen-and-paper group, co-hosting the Live om laiv - podcast, contributing to Imagonem and actually playing & designing games, but I'd certainly join such a group.

Maybe something to consider for the Solmukohta 2016 crew?