Larp, the Universe and Everything

We are no longer accepting new submissions for the book.

The 2009 Knutepunkt Book is called "Larp, the Universe and Everything", and has been published in two editions:

  • Print edition, distributed to participants at Knutepunkt 2009
  • Web edition, with the same articles but without the tactile pleasure of page-turning.

The web edition's permanent home is here:

// Historical information

July - August: Exchange of ideas and abstracts
September: Writing, writing, writing
October: Editor comments and rewrites
November: More rewrites
December: Editing and proofreading
January: Layout and printing
At least two weeks before Knutepunkt: Papers published online
Knutepunkt: Papers published in a printed book

The book is edited by Matthijs Holter, Eirik Fatland and Even Tømte. Send your questions to

Oh, how young and optimistic we were...

As the editors of the previous book told us a year ago, our schedule was very ambitious. Final layout was done in March.

However, if we hadn't been so cocky with our deadlines, I'm not sure we'd have been finished before next Knutepunkt.

So it all works out in the end.

The book went to print yesterday. In about a week we should see the results.