Not-so-scientific reseach of sexual habbits at Knutepunkt 2009

On the bus trip to Oslo after Knutepunkt, I took it upon myself to make this not so scientific research of the sexual habits at Knutpunkt. Here is the result of the survey to examine the Knutpunkt fuck fest myth.

The questions read as follows:
1: Did you have sex at Knutpunkt?
2: Did you make out at Knutpunkt?
3: Did you flirt?

Questions added by people:
- did you enjoy having sex/make out/flirt?
- did you have sex in or of game?
- which was better of- or ingame sex

The answers from the total 50 people who answered are:
1: 7(14%) Yes, 1(2%) Can't Remember, 42(84%) No
2: 14(28%) Yes, 1(2%) Can't Remember, 35(70%) No
3: 30(60%) Yes, 1(2%) Can't Remember, 19 (38%) No

I would like to comment that 4 of the people answering Yes to the first question actually was couples going to the event together, and therefor could be suspected of having sex anyways... Non the less i would like to conclude that Knutepunkt is by no means the fuck fest it have been said to be. I am very disappointed (the statistics for make out was raised by 4% when I an Onni got to make out on the buss - so I almost went through a whole Knutepunkt with flirting and no intimate contact 8if you don't count dancing)) - we better shape up till next year.

Morgan Jarl
Hobby Anthropologist

Making out

I think flirting and making out is more the general mode at Knutepunkt.
Out of 10 knutepunkt, I have had sex at only 1,
but the flirts have led to sexual encounters later,
outside the Knutepunkt context.
The knutepunkts when I have not made out with anyone, mostly cause I have not been single,
instead had serious talks about relationships have been the hardest ones,
always ended in going home crashing my relationships..

For me KP is dominated by emotional people and emotional meetings,
therefore the physical part or the intellectual part is just secondary..
just like a game of LARP, the core for me is emotional..